About us


SpaceTech is part of Starlab
Space Engineering. It aims at
providing simulation tools,
research oriented instruments
and know-how in specific
space-related areas such as
GNSS, GNSS reflectometry,
RADAR, SAR, Atimetry.

About us



Our Company has been continuously involved in state-of-the-art R&D projects for the European Space Agency and within international industrial consortia since its beginning. Thank to this approach to business, our personnel has accumulated an impressive baggage of know-how and has developed software tools and instruments to support such activities: these tools, these instruments and this know-how is what we offer now to the community.

Starlab Company has been targetting Technology Transfer since its very beginning, back in 2000, with the goal of turning science into tangible benefits for society. Our space-related activites started with pioneering studies for the European Space Agency about the exploitation of GPS signals for Earth Observation purposes. GNSS-R is a form of “passive” radar. “Passive” radar is akin to human sight: our eyes pick up reflected radiation originating from a source like the Sun and decode it to extract information. The reflection process affects the signal in several ways, at the same time degrading (from the point of view of detection) and loading it with information from the reflecting surface. This information can be extracted from the signal through specific, often complex, processing algorithms.

In 2006, a new area was created to place Starlab at the state-of-the-art in SAR Altimetry (a space altimetry technoogy that makes use of the Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) concept). Through various contract with the European Space Agengy, we have gained a deep know-how in this field, leading the development of the waveform model for the SAR altimeter. Nowadays, we have an operational retracker able to estimate sea surface height (SSH) and significant wave height (SWH) from Cryosat satellite and, potentially, from the future Sentinel-3 satellite.

In 2007, the Space area of Starlab started to develop also in-house knowhow on Synthetic Aperture RADAR, becoming, in a few year time, a recognised expert in the develpment of novel SAR concepts instruments. As an example, Starlab has lead the first studies on the Wavemill concept, an innovative microwave sensor based on SAR interferometry able to measure 2D sea surface currents.

To carry out all these R&D activites, Starlab has developed various sofware tools and instruments, among which:

– an end-to-end simulator of spaceborne/airborne SAR/InSAR raw data and images;
– an end-to-end simulator of GNSS-R data for spaceborne/airborne/ground-based instruments;
– a multi constellation, multi frequency GNSS-R receiver.

These tools are now available to costumers. Moreover, given the extense knowledge and expertees accumulated in almost 15 years of R&D activities, we are offering courses on various Earth Observation topics, taylored to the need of each costumer. For more information, have a look to the Products section of our web.